Our story

The PRINA SNC company was founded in 1970 in Ponderano, under the impetus of Mario Prina Mello, a young entrepreneur who, over the years, succeeded in transforming a small mechanical workshop into a renowned point of reference for race car technicians throughout Italy.

The turning point came in 1974, when Vittorio Bernero became Italian speed champion with the Abarth 850 TC, equipped with a five-speed gearbox built in Ponderano, showing precision of operation and exceptional reliability.

Thanks to the knowledge and continuous exchange of information with the techicians, in order to better understand all the technical problems concerning the application and use of the parts produced in the workshop, Officina Meccanica Prina began to increase its fame and the first results did not hesitate to arrive. 

The Story of a 4-wheel passion

There are two “trump cards” of the Prina Family: the ability to deal at best with the countless and very peculiar technical requirements demanded by a wide range of customers, ranging from hill-climbing Prototypes to the most sophisticated off-road, rally, autocross and even slalom, and the absolute dedication to seeking at all costs the best possible quality and reliability in every detail.