Products for car

Here are some examples of our products and processes

The extremely high stress to which the mechanical parts of a racing car are subjected have driven Ingranaggi Prina to search and find the most effective technological solutions in terms of perfection of workmanship and  top quality of materials. Hence, our products are preferred and selected by many racing teams, which require maximum reliability and special performances.

From the racetracks to the road, the path is easy; therefore, the expertise in racing translates into an effective response to demands for mechanical parts for other types of vehicles: from everyday cars to historic cars or agricultural vehicles.

Limited slip differentials (Lsd)

We have in stock various types of lsd or we can realize based on client specification any type of lsd for all makes of vehicles, whether for competition or normal street use, classical or modern. Differential with helical gears like torsen, ideal for road use or trackday; Adjustable differential with clutch discs and 2 types of locking, ideal for rally; Differential with rollers and discs ideal for rally/slalom/up hill racing.

Final drive ratios

We supply final drive ratios with straight or spiral teeth from modul 1 to 6 with ratio based on client request. All the final drive ratios are finished by shot peening and broken-in for use (on request also with isotropic treatment).

Reinforced semi-axles and hubs

We produce reinforced semi-axles from client samples, realized in Nickel-Crome steel, that gives a high resistance to the flexibility and a high hardness. We can also use maraging steel for special applications. We also produce torsion bar from client samples.

Gear kits

We have in stock various types of gear kits, synchronized, dog engagement and close ratio gear kits, all with either helical or straight cut. We can also realize gear kits based on client specifications, any kind of ratios or in fiche, complete of forks, rods and synchronizers. All the gears are thermically treated and isotropic finished.

Flywheels and pulleys

We can produce any kind of flywheel in light steel, according to client specification, with thermic treatment on the teeth for road use; we have available on stock different models of adjustable pulleys in hard anodised alluminium, they allow the positioning of the camshaft.

Direct steering boxes

The modification of the direct steering boxes allows to reduce the turns of the steering wheel, we can reduce the steering wheel turn by 20% to 50/60%, depending on the use of the vehicle (slalom, rally, uphill races and normal use). Available for mechanical and hydraulic steering boxes.